Magic Pills Promise or Placebo

“Do you really think that anybody would want to be a Homeopath if it didn’t work?” Homeopath Camilla Sherr in Magic Pills Promise or Placebo, In Search of Evidence, a documentary film about homeopathy.

This clip takes my breath away EACH AND EVERY SINGLE TIME I watch it; it’s incredibly powerful.

Here’s the clip for your viewing pleasure:

Camilla and Jeremy Sherr are Homeopaths who run Homeopathy for Health in Africa (HHA). Since 2008, they have worked with over 5,000 people living with HIV / AIDS and work alongside nurses and doctors to help those in need.

Ananda More follows HHA closely in her film Magic Pills Promise or Placebo.��A round of applause to all of those making a difference in people’s lives using homeopathy in a safe, gentle and effective way. Let’s keep raising awareness of this gorgeous art and science and how powerful it can be.

Happy weekend, everyone!


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