Homeopathic Medicine

“Economy, limitation of superfluities (of which the hard worker has often very few) places us in a position to live with greater comfort – that is to say, more rationally, more intelligently, more in accordance with nature, more cheerfully, more quietly, more healthily. Thus we shall act more commendably, more wisely, more prudently, than by working in breathless hurry, with our nerves constantly overstrung , to the destruction of the more precious treasure of life, calmly happy spirits and good health.

Be your more prudent, consider yourself first, let everything else be of only secondary importance for you…allow yourself to be driven to do what is contrary to your own welfare. Remain deaf to the bribery of praise, remain cold and pursue your own course slowly and quietly like a wise and sensible man. To enjoy with tranquil mind and body, that is what man is in the world for, and only to do as much work as will procure him the means of enjoyment – certainly not to excoriate and wear himself out with work.”

The Life and Letters of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann by Thomas Lindsley Bradford

What a great piece to chew on ‪this Sunday‬. Slow down. Relax. Try to incorporate a slower pace if at all possible.


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