Dr Stephan Baumgartner, University of Bern, Switzerland

Dr Stephan Baumgartner, University of Bern, Switzerland, Research comparing homeopathy with conventional medicine.

“There are several trials now where purely homeopathically treated patients in daily practice, at the general GP, they scored even or better in a patient centred outcome research evaluation than the patients that have been treated conventionally…and that raises really substantial questions because if the homeopathic remedy is nothing but placebo, the homeopathic consultation must be miraculous because it’s even as good as the conventional treatment with pure drugs. So that will be something to explore. If the consultation is an average placebo effect, the conclusion would be that there’s some specific remedy effect involved in the success rates. These real-world effectiveness studies are not taken seriously by other researchers. There’s a considerable potential for homeopathy in the official healthcare system that is definitely worth exploring further.”

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