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A case of scabies: A seven-year-old male with intensely itchy reddish papules on upper, lower limbs, wrists, fingers, dorsum of hands, around ears, scrotum and back. I found out that the child had been on an excursion with his family where some members of his group had a similar manifestation. On examination, I found numerous itchy reddish papules with few scabies ‘burrows’ especially on the extensor and flexor surfaces of arms, forearms, fingers, buttocks and legs.

Prescription: 1. Anthrakokali 6CH four times daily for 6 days. 2. Balsam Peru Mother Tincture – external application mixed with 500ml of warm water. 3. Coconut oil application on skin.

Follow up: 7 days later. Papules reduced, few papules were not visible, no scabies ‘burrows’, no secondary infection. Observing betterment, oral homeopathic medication was stopped and advised him to continue the external application for another 7 days.

Result was promising after 7 days with complete cure of Scabies without any complication.

Discussion on Scabies: Scabies is an infestation of Sarcoptes Scabiei, which is an obligate ectoparasite having no separate existence off the human body. Female mite burrows into the human ‘stratum corneum’ and lays eggs within this superficial layer. The characteristic intense pruritus and rash caused by scabies mites are the result of the immune reaction to the waste products of the mites.

Case represented by Dr. Vivekananda Chakravorty, vivekananda1@yahoo.com


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