Homeopathic Medicine

We are thrilled to be able to arm you with information for home prescription!

Homeopathy is a proven and effective method of gently addressing health concerns, both chronic and acute. While chronic illnesses require professional treatment, everyday acute conditions can be gently and effectively treated at home with little homeopathic training. Please use our free, easy-to-use guide to addressing some of the common health concerns that even the healthiest families encounter. Learning to use homeopathy in this way is empowering and satisfying as no one likes to stand by and watch loved ones suffer. Our free guides will provide you with the guidance to make intelligent choices for treating common disorders. Please be aware that if any disorders that persist, and do not respond to homeopathic treatment within 24 hours, or that are of concern should be seen by a primary health care professional.

For your free downloadable resources, please visit: www.ochm.ca/homeopathic_resources

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