Kali-sulph tissue salts

Kali-sulph tissue salts for the third stage of infection, to clear yellow, thick mucous, to heal the skin and clear mucous membranes. It aids in the internal respiratory process of the body.

Kali-sulph tissue salts cover the third stage of inflammation. Main focus: mucous membranes, skin lungs, yellow discharges. This tissue salt is found in the cells lining the skin, mucous membranes and internal organs. It therefore supports the regeneration of skin, hair, nails and tissues. When there are discharges from ailments/injury, the discharge is typically yellow, thick and sticky. It may also have a foul odour. A deficiency of kali-sulph in the body leads to a lack of oxygen and chilliness, flashes of heat, pains in the limbs that travel from place to place. It is especially good for clearing the airways and keeping membranes healthy – transports oxygen to cells.

Common uses: skin conditions (eczema, psoriasis, acne) with thick, yellow discharges; fungal infections, respiratory issues (asthma, infections with difficult mucous), sinusitis, sugar cravings and digestive issues where the stool is yellow and smells of sulphur.

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