Living Healthy with Homeopathy

Living Healthy with Homeopathy

November 24, 2014

Having a fitness and recreation background, and being committed to a healthy, active lifestyle myself; I have been progressively directing more of my energy on learning more about nutrition, diet and herbal vitamins/medicine.
I was enjoying teaching fitness classes 2 evening per week, until I began working rotating shift at an automotive factory.  Once my schedule was altered, I could not continue instructing regular set classes.  To maintain my active lifestyle, I began extensive training to compete in Duathlons and Cross Country Races.  I have enjoyed experiencing a new challenge; but I have missed the social interaction of the “Mini Support Group” that is established, helping one another achieve each of their individual goals.  I like the sensation you feel when helping other to feel good about themselves, and in turn improving their overall physical wellness.  This is the main reason I’ve recently begun helping my mother teach Line Dancing to seniors.  They get such a sense of accomplishment and you can see how it improves their overall health.  For the reasons I have expressed, I would like to pursue this type of avenue once again.
I have been able to avoid conventional medicine and emergency rooms, just by taking a herbal/natural supplement, or increased energy levels by using a different type of diet.  An admirable friend of mine, who owns the health food store I regularly visit, has opened my eyes to the remarkable organic products accessible to all of us.  It was she who initially spoke to me about Homeopathy, and suggested I would be well suited for this type of “Caregiver Profession.”  I began reading books about Homeopathy, one I have found helpful in understanding the base concepts and history, is “The Complete Guide to Homeopathy – The Principles & Practice of Treatment” by Dr. Andrew Lockie & Dr. Nicola Geddes.  I then took the next step, and explored the different courses available to educate myself more about the philosophies of Homeopathy.
I have personally felt the outcome of a remedy, which was prescribed to me following my consultation.  My knee was causing me pain when running.  I had spent much of my time and money on Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinics, with little improvement.  Since taking my remedy, I have not felt the sharp pain I normally experienced when running.  Although, it is still too soon to say my soreness has completely been cured; all results thus far have been positive.
I don’t feel the general public is fully aware of all the benefits available through the use of natural products; there are many misunderstandings about Homeopathy and the way in which it works.  Being close-minded to a whole other world of alternative medicine is only confining their available resources.    I’m not stating that the need for Homeopathic medicine will take the place of Conventional medicine, only that it complements our current Medical structure.  I am excited about the concept that Homeopathy is the “energetic application,” a remedy will give the body that extra push it needs to heal itself.  The concept of treating the patient, and “stimulating the body’s own defenses rather than suppressing symptoms,” just seems to be so much more simple and practical.  It is because of this concept that I want to be a part of this practice.
I would like to expand my knowledge of Homeopathy, and be able to share it with others.  Not only do I wish to help the general public, but also my family and friends. 
When visiting a Conventional Doctor, and I’m speaking from personal experience, you can wait typically 1 hour for your previously scheduled appointment, for a five minute visit.  Then you will be prescribed medicine for your “symptoms” and sent on your way, until you are back again for possibly the same complaint.  Where as a Homeopath Practitioner will spend time listening and assess your case.  All factors will be taken into consideration when treating “you”, the patient and not your symptoms.  I look forward to the opportunity to be part of this compassionate patient/practitioner relationship.
Currently, my job requires me to do a lot of problem solving.  Any quality concerns that arise through daily production, I must brainstorm and analyze to determine the best possible solution.  I feel Homeopathy is similar to this concept.  You have to be a good observer and listener to be able to take all aspects into consideration and then perform a detailed study, breaking down all the information gathered.  I like listening to what other have to say to help in sourcing the root cause of a problem or concern.  I feel having good communication skills and the experience of exploring all possibilities to arrive at one solution; will benefit me in my career of Homeopathy.
From my background in helping others in the community, combined with my current work ethics, and beliefs in Homeopathy. I feel my eyes have been opened to a whole new world of possibilities and dreams.
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