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The Imponderables in Homeopathy

One of the most intriguing aspects of the Homeopathic Materia Medica is a mysterious group of remedies known as The Imponderables. They fall outside of the standard Animal, Mineral and Plant categories and their very creation defies logic! They are remedies that are energetic in substance as well as name. Some are old, and many are new.

Yet, I find, living in our current digital age, that these are important remedies to understand. We all have cases which we find “imponderable”! We meet sensitive patients who suffer from the effects of EMF radiation from computers, cell phones and other energetic sources. We see medical technology’s impact– MRI’s, radiotherapy, or ultrasound – on others. As homeopaths, we need the tools to help these folks. In such cases, the prescription of an imponderable remedy can be transformative in a patient’s life.

In this class, I will present an overview of many of the known Imponderable remedies, beginning with Hahnemann’s work with magnets and Allen’s Xray. We will talk about how these remedies were captured and refined into our medicines and how they can be used. I will also share, with case examples, some of the best-known Imponderable remedies and the ones that I have found most helpful in my practice. I will also share the best sources for accessing the provings and materia medica of the Imponderable remedies.

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