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Exploring the Bowel Nosodes

Bowel nosodes are homeopathic medicines prepared from cultures of non-lactose fermenting bacterial flora of the gut.  As we are becoming more and more aware, our intestinal flora is responsible for processes dealing with all aspects of our health and play a critical role in maintaining wellness.  These homeopathic remedies are used in many situations and are quite versatile in practice.

“…that this group of organisms ..are persistent in patients; that they are associated with chronic disease, and that by the use of preparations made from these bacteria themselves we have a most powerful weapon in the fight against chronic diseases of all types.” Dr. Edward Bach (the problem of chronic disease)

We will spend the day looking at the history and origin of homeopathic Bowel Nosodes, the materia medica, their remedy pictures, clinical pictures, and their place in the homeopath’s tool kit. I will illustrate each remedy with clinical case examples. We will be covering all of the bowel nosodes, though spending more time on the major groups. In the end, we will do a differentiation with other remedies that share characteristics with the Bowel Nosodes.

Bring your questions and successful cases (if you have any) to share with the group!

Expect to have a better knowledge of this critical group of remedies and where you might use them in a clinical context.

To learn more and to register: https://ochm.ca/lectures_bowel_nosodes/

The event is finished.

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