Exploring the Bowel Nosodes

Date/time: Saturday, January 22nd, 2022 (11am – 5pm EDT) | Cost: $75 | Lecturer: Pat Deacon

Bowel nosodes are homeopathic medicines prepared from cultures of non-lactose fermenting bacterial flora of the gut.  As we are becoming more and more aware, our intestinal flora is responsible for processes dealing with all aspects of our health and play a critical role in maintaining wellness.  These homeopathic remedies are used in many situations and are quite versatile in practice.

“…that this group of organisms ..are persistent in patients; that they are associated with chronic disease, and that by the use of preparations made from these bacteria themselves we have a most powerful weapon in the fight against chronic diseases of all types.” Dr. Edward Bach (the problem of chronic disease)

We will spend the day looking at the history and origin of homeopathic Bowel Nosodes, the materia medica, their remedy pictures, clinical pictures, and their place in the homeopath’s tool kit. I will illustrate each remedy with clinical case examples. We will be covering all of the bowel nosodes, though spending more time on the major groups. In the end, we will do a differentiation with other remedies that share characteristics with the Bowel Nosodes.

Bring your questions and successful cases (if you have any) to share with the group!

Expect to have a better knowledge of this critical group of remedies and where you might use them in a clinical context.

Itinerary – Part 1:

1)  Introduction to the Bowel Nosodes – their history and their place in the Materia Medica
2) The Morgan Group – Morgan Bach, Morgan Pure, Morgan Gaertner
3) Sycotic Compound
4) Proteus
5) Bacillus 7
6) Mutabile, E- Coli, Colibacillinum

For each of the above remedy groupings: Remedy Picture, Materia Medica, Clinical indicators, and Cases.

Itinerary – Part 2:

7) Questions, thoughts, feedback
8) Gaertner Bach
9) Dysentery Compound
10) Bacillus #10
11) Faecalis, Coccal Compound, Polybowel

For each of the above remedy groupings: Remedy Picture, Materia Medica, Clinical indicators, and Cases.

12) Protocols – therapeutic indicators for certain combinations
13) Other remedies that share characteristics with the Bowel Nosodes
14) Questions


Books that will be referenced:

Several books exist on the Bowel Nosodes. I consider these two to be the best:

Bowel Nosodes: A Practice Handbook – by Anthony Bickley
Bowel Nosodes in Homeopathic Practice – by John Saxton



This is going to be a FULL day’s class, accessible over ZOOM.

Details: Saturday, January 22nd, 2022 from 11am – 5pm EDT (8am – 2pm PST)

Cost: $75 (recording will be available if you are not able to make it live)


Instructor: Pat Deacon, HOM, RSHom, HMC

I fell in love with Homeopathy in 1979, when I took my oldest child to see Louis Klein for treatment.

The consulting process and the perspective on health and disease – not to mention the results- impressed me deeply. When I purchased some books and began reading Kent, my love for this Art and Science grew further.

I eventually made my way to England where I studied professionally, practiced, and then registered with the Society of Homeopaths in 1998, of which I am still an overseas member. I returned to Canada in 1999 where I graduated from Louis Klein’s post-grad Homeopathic Master Practitioner programme and practiced and taught homeopathy in several provinces and online since then. I am now a registered member of the College of Homeopaths of Ontario, a provincial regulatory body.

I live in a village between Montreal and Ottawa with my husband and two cats and I spend time in British Columbia, with my grandchildren and adult children. I work online and occasionally, in person. I also mentor, supervise, and teach.

My love for homeopathy has only grown over the years. I continue to be impressed and astonished at its largely unseen and unrecognized potential for dramatically changing peoples’ lives.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

LECTURE - Exploring the Bowel Nosodes