Homeopathic Medicine

“With Homeopathy, you can feel like magic too.
The first time I tried homeopathy for myself I went to the student clinic at @homeopathy_school_in_toronto . I didn’t really have much expectation. I BELIEVED in homeopathy, but at the same time I thought ‘this is a student clinic, it will probably take a few tries what are the chances that I will get the right remedy for me the first time I go in?’ I was ready for a few months’ process of trying different remedies.

When I went in I was worn out, anxious and felt a general heaviness in my body. I felt like I was ready to go to sleep by ‪2pm‬ most days. I even started having strange dreams of floating out of my body.

I went to the clinic, talked about everything I was experiencing and answered ALL the Homeopathic questions (it’s a lot of questions).
The next week, I got my remedy, 1 dose to take one night.

I woke up the next morning feeling DIFFERENT. I felt light and energetic, and I didn’t have to take a dose again for WEEKS.

Fun fact: want to know what my sign was that I needed to re-dose? The strange floating dreams came back.

Homeopathy can work like MAGIC. The right remedy can make a huge difference in a short amount of time, even when you are feeling skeptical. That won’t stand in it’s way 😉 .”


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