Gout and Homeopathic Approach

Gout is a form of arthritis. It is the deposit of uric acid crystals in joints around the body that can cause excruciating pain. If the gout is mild, it can be relieved by a change in diet. More serious cases may result in long term complications. The uric acid deposits cause intense inflammation, leading to swelling, redness and pain.

Some great homeopathic remedies for gout:

Colchicum – pain is very intense. Affected parts are red, hot and swollen. Worse in the evening. Worse heat. Joints feel stiff, pains are worse motion. Increased weakness and internal coldness.

Ledum: pain travels from lower parts of the body, up. Worse heat. Swelling in the big toe and ankle. Shooting pains through the limbs. Better cold.

Benzoic acid: patient’s urine is offensive and brown in colour. There is tearing pain in the great toe. The knees are swollen and feel painful too. Joints crack with motion. Worse open air. Sore all over.

Urtica urens: helps eliminate uric acid from the body. Joint symptoms are associated with hive like eruptions. Pains are found in the shoulders, wrists and ankles. Worse cold moist air.

Antimonium crud: the joint issues are accompanied by gastric issues. Patient tends to overeat. Pain in the fingers and heels. Patient is irritable and there is a white coating of the tongue.

Sabina: when the patient has an accompanying uterine disorder. Shooting pain in the toes and heels. Worse heat. Joints are swollen, red and shiny.

Belladonna: sudden onset. Joints are red, swollen, throbbing and sensitive. Worse from touch. Patient may be restless, flushed and hot.

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