Treating Homeopathy with Croup

Treating Croup with Homeopathy

February 14, 2016

Croup- it’s bark is worse than it’s bite.  It often comes on suddenly in the middle of the night and for a parent the seal-like barking cough is heartbreaking and worrisome.  It is still recommended to seek out medical advice but croup is often harmless and requires only tender loving care, a humidifier and cool air to relieve the symptoms.  Homeopathy can be a parent’s best friend at times like this. The natural remedies are gentle, effective and safe for babies.  Below are the most indicated croup remedies but always consult with a trained Registered Homeopath before commencing homeopathic treatment.
Acon –  This is the first remedy to think of within the first 24 hours of sudden onset of the cold. Cold symptoms can arise from shock, fright or being exposed to cold, dry winds or getting chilled. There may be fears that are intense and the sufferer is restless, hot, dry and thirsty. It may seem like “just a cold” to you but for someone needing Acon they may feel “as if they are dying”! They may have a watery nose with a headache or nosebleed. If your child is prone to croup and is developing it with a viral cold infection, think of Acon.
Spongia – This is the great homoeopathic croup remedy, but it always comes in after Acon. The breathing is harsh, sawing and hard as if the patient were breathing through a sponge. Hard barking ringing cough with scanty expectoration: in fact, it seems to get tighter and tighter every minute and almost threatens suffocation. It is worse before midnight.
Hepar sulphur – This is the third of the great croup trinity, and it follows Spongia well. It has the same croupy sound, but there is
a certain amount of moisture to it; it has a “loose edge.” It comes on after dry, cold winds, the breathing is whistling and there is great sensitiveness to the cold air. There must be some looseness of the cough to indicate Hepar; in fact, the child is apt to have choking fits with the cough. 
You will find that your child recovers very quickly from croup when you use homeopathy, which means that all of you will get much needed sleep sooner! And rather than using prescription cough medication with potential side effects, you will have strengthened your child’s immune system with medicine that is non-toxic and gentle, supporting the body’s own ability to heal itself.
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