Ringworm (tinea)

Ringworm (tinea) is a fungal infection on the skin where clearly demarcated round spots are produced. This is an infection that is very easily transmitted and can be contracted through soil, swimming pools, linens or from direct human to human contact. This skin fungus is very common and lives on the most superficial layers of the skin. The symptoms that might be present with this infection include: red patches on the skin that may be raised, hair loss at the site, scaly skin, itching and pain.

Below are remedies to consider for treatment:

Ars: ringworm of the scalp, it is rough and dry. Intense itching and burning, worse night.

Dulcamara: for ringworm that bleeds. Ringworm is red and the scales are yellow. Often forms in clusters.

Graphites: crust formation on the ringworm with moisture. Ringworm is sticky. Patient is experiencing constipation.

Merc-sol: ringworm with burning and jerking pain. Increased perspiration. Suppurating eruptions with scales.

Psorinum: ringworm of the scalp and joints with excessive itching. Worse heat. Profuse offensive sweat. Worse cold.

Sepia: where ringworm appears in spots. Ringworm appears seasonally. Itch is not relieved by scratching and is worse on elbows and knees. Skin remains dry. Spots may be brown.

Sulphur: intense itching and burning in eruptions. Itching does not provide relief. Worse night.

Tellurium: red eruptions with great itching, stinging and burning. Ringworm with offensive sweat and discharges. May be on the scalp or over large parts of the body. Worse cold.

Thuja: skin is greasy. Worse cold, wet weather.


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