Report on Homeopathy

Australia’s leading research institute, NHMRC, recently gave in to public pressure and released its first report on homeopathy, produced in 2012 but buried until 26 August 2019.

Patients suffering from these conditions deserve to know that research suggests homeopathy may help them. This draft report found encouraging evidence for the effectiveness of homeopathy for fibromyalgia, otitis media (ear infections), upper respiratory infections in adults and post-operative ileus (first time to flatus after surgery), and for side-effects of cancer treatment (prevention of acute dermatitis during radiotherapy and chemotherapy-induced stomatitis).

Researchers also need to know which avenues are most promising in terms of identifying new clinically effective treatments; reports such as this are extremely important for identifying which medical conditions and treatments have been found to be effective in some studies and are therefore worthy of further investigation.

Research requires significant funding and resources. NHMRC’s false claim in the 2015 Homeopathy Review that no good trials have found homeopathy to be effective has unfairly damaged the reputation of homeopathy, making it far harder for new research studies in this field to be carried out due to the misperception created that it is a ‘therapeutic dead end’.

This is a huge win for public accountability, but perhaps even more importantly, the NHMRC CEO has finally put the record straight and is a welcome first step towards NHMRC undoing the damage they have single-handedly caused to the homeopathy sector worldwide.

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