Benefits of Homeopathy in Mental Healthcare

Adopt Homeopathy in Mental Healthcare. It can help reduce duration of hospitalisation and quantity of the medicine needed.

Speaking at the Integrative Medicine Conference, in Dubai, Dr Vengalis Zafeiriou highlighted the benefits of integrating homoeopathy in psychiatric health care.

He said homoeopathy can reduce the duration of hospitalisation, quantity of the medicine needed, number of laboratory examinations, frequency of relapses, and the individual and state health care costs. This form of medicine also improves overall health and helps all chronic diseases, excluding irreversible tissue damage; it has no side effects and can be successfully combined with any other kind of treatment, he said.

This conference aimed to bridge the gap between conventional, complementary and alternative medicine through evidence-based integrative medicine case studies.

Dr. Zafeiriou spoke about the need to lobby for homoeopathy in mental health care.  “In psychiatry there aren’t any medicines designed to be curative, rather these relieve symptoms. Homeopathy can treat all kinds of disorders from anxiety and phobias to depression and schizophrenia. In mental hospitals, homoeopathy can treat patients with severe mental disorders, contributing considerably to the therapeutic outcome of conventional psychiatric treatment.”

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