Pinworms are small little parasites that are extremely common in young children and awfully contagious. These little parasites mostly affect the large intestine and anus and the most telling symptom is itching on the bottom. The homeopathic treatment of pinworms is highly effective and safe; will help to build the immune defences to fight the pinworms off naturally and will also help alleviate symptoms!

How does one contract pinworms anyway? Well…by swallowing or inhaling little pinworm eggs (through contact with an infected source) – the eggs get into the intestine where they hatch and grow into adult worms. The female worms make their way to the anus and because of the extreme itching, the eggs will get under the fingernails and will be passed along from person to person very quickly.

The primary symptom of pinworms is itching. There may also be GI irritation, nausea and even urinary symptoms associated with this contagion. On the rare occasion, there are no symptoms at all!

Here are some great remedies to consider for pinworms:

Teucrium: itching on the bottom that is so bad, it prevents sleep. Even during sleep, the patient is restless.

Sulphur: in cases of severe itchiness on the bottom with redness

Spigelia: itching on the bottom with pain around the navel

Cina: itching on the bottom accompanied by irritability, grinding of the teeth, picking nose and patient is hungry.

Caladium: for vaginal itching due to pinworms


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