Overcome Your Fears

Fear is a common issue for people young and old. It is an emotion that comes on as a result of a threat…the threat can be real or imaginary. The fear reaction is typically due to a past experience or can be a result of anticipating something unfavourable happening. There are many common fears and if they’re not dealt with, these fears can turn into debilitating anxieties. Homeopathy can address fears on a deep level and it is recommended that your fears are treated by a qualified individual.

Here are some remedies that can be used to address fears:

Acon: anxety due to fear of death. Can predict the time of death.

Arg-n: fear of height (flying) and claustrophobia (buildings or walls closing in). anxiety about the future.

Ars: restlessness accompanied by fear of death. Anxious about health, money and robbers.

Aur: fear of failure with hopelessness

Calc: fear of change, dark, insects, animals

Carc: fear of cancer

Gels: fear of appearing on stage, anticipatory anxiety with trembling limbs

Kali-ars: fear of contracting a life-threatening illness or dying of a heart attack

Lyc: stage fright with lac of self confidence

Lyss: anxiety as a result of fear of water…this includes running water

Nit-ac: fear of illness

Phos: fear of something ‘bad’ happening, of being alone, dark, ghosts, thunderstorms

Puls: fear of closed spaces and only feels better in open air

Sil: fear of taking on new tasks


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