New Study Proves The Fundamental Mechanisms that Underpin Homeopathy

New Study Proves The Fundamental Mechanisms that Underpin Homeopathy

August 25, 2015

We are all familiar with the primary argument against the validity of homeopathic medicine; an argument clearly outlined in a recent head to head debate between Dr. Peter Fisher and Edzard Ernst where, referring to the extreme dilutions used in homeopathic medicine, Ernst stated, “The assumptions underlying homeopathy fly in the face of science, and critics have long pointed out that, unless our understanding of the laws of nature is incorrect, homeopathy’s mode of action has no rational explanation.”  (British Medical Journal, 14th July 2015)
With the publication of a new study, ‘Transduction of DNA information through water and electromagnetic waves,’ conducted by a cooperative team of physicists and biologists led by Nobel Prize winner, Luc Montagnier, this primary argument against homeopathy has been scientifically invalidated. Concrete evidence now proves the validity of the fundamental mechanism underlying homeopathic medicine and must now alter our ‘understanding of the laws of nature.’ 
The Montagnier study provides irrefutable evidence of four facts:
1. Water is an active medium for electromagnetic frequencies and is rewritable.
2. After extreme dilutions and succussion to decimal levels, the information held in water remains fully intact.
3. These frequencies can be transferred and imprint on pure water and will have the same effect.
4. No molecular action is causing the effect.
In brief, the Montagnier study shows that epigenetic information related to DNA can be detected as electromagnetic signals in a highly diluted solution, and this electromagnetic information can be transferred to and imprint in pure water that has never been exposed to DNA. This information can then instruct the recreation of DNA when the appropriate basic constituents of DNA are present along with extremely low electromagnetic frequency fields of 7.8 Hz (Schumann resonances start at 7.83 Hz.)
These solutions are diluted to decimal levels and the solution is subjected to vortex shaking (succussion). In other words, this research uses the same methods used to create homeopathic remedies. The frequencies recorded can be sent to a lab in another part of the world as digital information, can then be decoded and imprinted in water, and will have the same effect. It is the frequency alone, imprinted in pure water, and no molecular action, that is causing the effect. The full study can be viewed here. 
Does This Mean For Homeopathy?
The Montagnier study has irrevocably altered the long term trajectory of medical research. Methods of measurement have now advanced sufficiently to explore the active principles in homeopathic and other vibrational medicines and, although the Montagnier study does not prove that homeopathy works, it does prove that the premise for homeopathic medicine is, and always has been, scientifically valid.
Water can and does imprint frequencies. These frequencies do create coherence in matter. No molecular action is needed. This means that quality research into the active principles of homeopathic medicine is inevitable. It also means that the primary argument against homeopathic medicine has ineluctably lost its punch.
Nearly 100 years ago, quantum mechanics revealed that the fundamentals underpinning what we perceive as matter are vibrational in nature, yet a mechanistic approach to the scientific method has persisted in the natural sciences; particularly in the field of medicine. Much of this persistence has been fuelled by the pharmaceutical industry in its pursuit of vast profits obtained from creating patentable drugs.
Homeopathic medicines, on the other hand, are well past the window of patentability, are affordable and can even be made at home. As they don’t have toxic side-effects that need to be mitigated by further (expensive) medications, treatment is simple and streamlined, with an integrated focus on what the patient can do to increase their vital force in daily life. 
Scientific evidence of the fundamental principles of homeopathic medicine is a significant threat to a medical industry that thrives on the countless billions that individuals, taxpayers and charities pay for pharmaceutical drugs and research.  As a result, this study, and Luc Montagnier himself, will inevitably be the target of pseudo-scientist ‘quackbusters,’ self-proclaimed skeptics and mainstream medical naysayers, all of whom will a). malign the character and question the sanity of the researchers; b). dismiss the study outright, claiming that the methodology is flawed; c). claim that this study is irrelevant as homeopathy has already been ‘proven’ to be a placebo.
A whirlwind of controversy will be set in motion to drown out the irrefutable facts.  However the methods used to discredit non-pharmaceutical approaches to healing disease are increasingly losing credibility amongst consumers. It is more common than ever for consumers to interpret negative reviews on ‘skeptic’ websites, journals and in the media as evidence that the therapy in question is worthy of notice. 
Why else would quackbusters funded by pharmaceutical companies take the time to try to discredit it? One can accurately say that for an increasing number of consumers, a negative review by established skeptics equates to a ‘stamp of credibility’ for the therapy in question. In this case, the cat is out of the bag, and the implications are far reaching and irreversible. 
One can only applaud the courage and dedication to scientific advancement evinced by Luc Montagnier and his team of researchers. This new evidence of the transfer of frequency of electromagnetic signals, and the ability of pure water to imprint this frequency, creating coherence in matter, provides a scientific framework for unbiased investigation into vibrational medicine.
We are witness to the dawn of a new era and pioneers, such as Luc Montagnier, who will be remembered by future generations as heroes for medical reform. 
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