Nat phos tissue salts

Nat phos tissue salts.

Sodium phosphate, is used for alkalinizing the body. Particularly helpful in the digestive, urinary and skeletal systems; it addresses issues dealing with acidity and for balancing the acid base balance of the body. Nat-phos helps to break down lactic acid, helps to maintain the solubility of uric acid so that it does not build up in the body (causing conditions such as gout) and helps to assimilate fat. Helps to absorb nutrients from one’s diet.

This tissue salt can help with: heartburn, indigestion (from fatty foods), gas, upset stomach, acid reflux, colic in babies when they vomit curdled milk, rheumatic ailments especially of the joints, muscle soreness due to lactic acid build up, body stiffness, sick headaches, golden yellow coated tongue, crusty discharge in the eyes, intestinal worms. Skin may look greasy, shiny, have pimples, blackheads and acne.

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