Moving Again – Thanks to Homeopathy

Moving Again – Thanks to Homeopathy

April 19, 2017

About a week ago I was sitting innocently at my desk (which is really the dining room table), holding a pen and a newspaper clipping out in front of me in my right hand, trying to read the newspaper clipping, when all of a sudden I sensed a nerve pain in my right neck/shoulder area getting stronger and stronger to the point where I could no longer ignore it; and I’m, like, “Hey!  What’s going on here, is this some kind of a joke? 
There’s no way this is happening!!!!”
I’m not able to turn my head to the right or turn my body to the right!  So I turned to the left to get up out of my chair, thinking that if I walked around a little bit, the whole thing would disappear, but there was just one problem: I couldn’t get up!!!  The pain stopped me; in fact, I remembered a quiz we once published called “The Pain Has Stopped Me Completely”
Revisiting: The Pain Has Stopped Me Completely!  and that was exactly what was happening with me, the pain really had “stopped me completely”!
There I was, sitting hunched over, facing out on the left side of my chair, not able to stand up, not able to turn my head or body back to the center, and that’s when Shana walked in.
“Shana, I hurt myself.”
“Doing what?”
“I don’t know.  Reading.  While holding a pen.  Go get me the Hypericum.”
“Where is it?”
“It’s in the first-aid drawer, Hypericum 200C, it’s in a very small bottle, a tiny bottle.”
“Here it is.”
“No, you have to do it, I can’t move, I can’t twist the cap off, I can’t do anything!  Just tap a few pellets into the bottle cap and toss them in my mouth.”
She did it, and then trotted off to the kitchen.  Seconds later, I sat straight up, turned my body back to the right (back to facing my computer), moved my head to the right, and proclaimed loudly, “It worked!!!  Hypericum worked!  I can move again!  I’m cured!!  I can move!!!!”
Now, what can we learn from this?  Well, first of all, how great is homeopathy?  Let’s hear it for Samuel Hahnemann, MD!
I mean, where would I be right now without Homeopathy?  Would I still be hunched over in my chair a week later?  What do “ordinary” people do in these circumstances?  Would Shana have had to call 911?  That’s our number for Emergencies.  Would I have had to go to the hospital?  Would they have given me morphine after putting me through X-ray?   It’s hard to imagine all the twists and turns this unfortunate, insane incident would have led to… instead of… what, recovering in seconds?  Back to normal?  Back to my routine as if nothing happened?  Is there any comparison???
Whole story: http://hpathy.com/homeopathy-papers/tidbits-44-moving-thanks-homeopathy/

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