Motion Sickness relieved with the help of Homeopathy

Motion sickness is something we contend with in our household. With three young ones, someone is bound to say “my tummy hurts” during a lengthy car ride. Here are some tried, tested and true homeopathic remedies to help with your motion sickness:

Arg-n: when the patient is excitable or anxious and is experiencing dizziness, nausea or vomiting. They may also feel claustrophobic.

Borax: worse downward motion (think of putting a baby down into a crib or the landing of a plane).

Cocculus: nausea made worse by the sight/smell of food. Patient might be feeling weak and dizzy and will need to lie down. Symptoms are made worse by cold, moving around (or if something is moving in front of you) or lack of sleep.

Kali-bich: sea-sickness. The dizziness and nausea are made worse when standing up. If there is vomit, it’s bright yellow.

Nux-v: patient is irritable and the nausea is accompanied by a headache. Patient may be bloated, gassy and could have a desire to vomit with nothing coming up.

Petr: feeling nauseous with excessive salivation, tummy aches and stiffness in the back of the head/neck. Worse trying to sit up.

Rhus-tox: common remedy for air sickness with nausea and vomiting. Mouth and throat are dry and water does not quench the thirst.

Tabacum: patient is nauseous, pale, cold and tired. Better with cold, fresh air and when closing the eyes. Worse any movement.

Information contained in this article should not be taken as individual medical advice, nor is it intended as a substitute for consulting your medical practitioner and/or healthcare practitioner.                       
Be sure to consult a Licensed Homeopath before starting any new remedy protocol.

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