Homeopathy Relief for Food Poisoning

Homeopathy Relief for Food Poisoning

Food poisoning is  a term used for a gastrointestinal illness caused by eating food that is contaminated with certain types of bacteria, parasites, viruses, or toxins.  The most common type of bacteria responsible for food poisoning are Salmonella, Camplobacter and E-Coli. The viruses that cause food poisoning are astravirus, rotavirus and Norwalk virus(affects shellfish).
The onset of symptoms usually develops within 30 minutes to 48 hours. Symptoms usually include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain, fever, headaches and in severe cases shock and collapse.  Vomiting and diarrhea are the bodies way of trying to get rid of the toxins as quick as it can.
Food poisoning cases which are not serious generally recover within 3 days, whereas severe cases will require hospital treatment.
Here are some homeopathic remedies to consider for food poisoning or similar gastrointestinal complaints.
Arsenicum: Bad effects of spoiled fish, meat and bad water. Burning pain in abdomen, person feels chilly, restless, anxious, thirsty for sips of water. Vomiting and diarrhea at the same time. Better for warmth and warm drinks, worse from cold drinks and sight or smell of food.
Lycopodium: Bad effects of shellfish especially oysters.
Pulsatilla: Stomach disorders from eating cakes, rich foods, ice-cream, spoiled meats and rotten fish.
Nux Vomica: Bad effects of overindulgence in food and wine, fatty foods, spicy foods and alcohol.  Symptoms of cramps, hangovers, wind, pressure, and vomiting which does not relieve.
Urtica Urens: Ailments from eating shellfish with allergic skin reaction.
China: This it an excellent remedy to help promote recovery after fluid loss which has arisen because of symptoms such as persistent sweating, vomiting, diarrhea causing exhaustion and dehydration.
Rehydration is essential to replace the enormous amounts of fluids lost during food poisoning.
NB: Food poisoning can be potentially life threatening so seek medical assistance if symptoms still persist after 24 hours or you experience continued abdominal pain, blood in the stools, difficulty focusing, double vision, convulsion or paralysis and severe dehydration.
A well selected homeopathic remedy can help speed up the recovery process aiding the body in ejecting the poisons as well as helping with recuperation of exhaustion and rehydration.

Credit to: Eileen Scullion, Homeopath

Information contained in this article should not be taken as individual medical advice, nor is it intended as a substitute for consulting your medical practitioner and/or healthcare practitioner.                       
Be sure to consult a Licensed Homeopath before starting any new remedy protocol

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