Homeopathy for Worry

This is a time of worry, that’s undeniable. What can we do when life seems overwhelming? We can use homeopathy; it has a long-standing history of successfully treating people all over the world for a variety of conditions, including those on the mental/emotional plane. Let’s explore some homeopathic remedies that might be useful in this worrisome time.

Symptoms that may accompany worry: restlessness, anxiety, loss of appetite, inability to focus on the task at hand, busy mind, loss of sleep, physical complaints like pain and tension and an overall sense of “buzzing”. It’s absolutely uncomfortable to be in a state of worry!

Acon: where symptoms come on after a SHOCK. Anger after shock. There is anxiety and the patient is not consolable. Restless. Irritable. Thirsty. Fear od being out and about.

Arg-n: anticipatory anxiety. When faced with making a decision, they don’t know what to do and make an impulsive decision. Diarrhoea accompanies anxiety. Worse heat. Agoraphobia. Always on time.

Ars: restless, suspicious, fearful. Cold sweat. Exhaustion. Perfectionist. They worry about their health and that of their family members. Chilly. Thirsty. Better heat.

Gelsemium: anxious and drowsy…perhaps a little dull with trembling. Sluggish. Anticipatory anxiety especially around being in front of strangers.

Nux-v: particularly irritable. Sensitive to sounds, smell, cold, drafts, touch and light. Quarrelsome. Constipation with anxiety. Tends towards overconsumption.

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