Homeopathy: Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis is an inflammation of the fascia of the foot that runs from the heel to the ball of the foot (near the toes). This condition causes heel pain on first motion either in the morning or after being in a seated position for a long time and then getting up. The pain gets worse after spending a long time on the feet. The fascia supports the muscle and arch of the foot. Risk factors for this condition include: obesity, excessive running/exercise, flat foot or overarched foot and overuse of the muscles of the foot.

Listed here are homeopathic remedies that could help with this condition:

Berberis: heel pain is worse on standing. The pain is ulcerative. Pain in the ball of the foot.

Bryonia: heel pain is worse from stepping. Better rest. Pain feels like pins and needles.

Causticum: cramps in the feet, neuralgic pains in the soles of the feet with pain on stepping.

Puls: when the heel pain is worse as soon s one rises from sitting in a seat. The pain experienced with a patient requiring this remedy includes boring pain in the heel, worse night. Patient need to stretch their feet.

Rhus-tox: from excessive stress of body parts. Worse on first motion, better continued motion, worse again after prolonged motion.

Valeriana: heel pain is better by walking, worse by sitting.

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