Homeopathy can Reduce the need for Antibiotics

Overuse of antibiotics in healthcare and industrial farming practices have led to widespread resistance of infectious bacteria to antibiotic treatment. This has in turn led to increasing mortality due to infection. Although this is a global crisis, highly industrialized nations have led the world in the overuse of these crucial medicines. To address this growing problem, it is critical that we reserve their use in livestock for infection rather than for artificial growth, and stop using antibiotics as pesticides. In addition, in health care we can devise and implement a new integrative medicine approach to reduce reliance on antibiotics for less threatening infections. Homeopathy is an important part of this approach, as it is in Switzerland, France, and many other countries around the world. Homeopathy can be integrated into the landscape of medical options as a means of reducing susceptibility to infection, reducing severity of pain and other symptoms during infection, and recovering faster from infection.

There are many conditions for which homeopathy makes sense to integrate as an effective therapeutic intervention of lesser risk. With specific regard to reduction in antibiotics overuse, there is quite a bit of scientific validation that homeopathy can be as effective or better than antibiotics in resolution of minor infections in humans and animals.

These include but are not limited to: otitis media, upper respiratory tract infections, sinusitis and rhinitis.

For the full article and references, please see:https://bit.ly/2NrLcME

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