Homeopathy and Emergency Medicine

Homeopathy and Emergency Medicine

August 29, 2016

Homeopathy is best known for its treatment of acute and chronic disease but it also has a lot to offer emergency medicine; the correct remedy acts with remarkable speed in life-threatening situations.
Reports include two stories of patients admitted to ICU in which:
  1. A woman with severe mushroom poisoning survived following homeopathic treatment while her companion, who had also been poisoned but sadly wasn’t given the homeopathic treatment, died.
  2. A woman with low thrombocyte levels and severe haemorrhage was treated with homeopathy after which her thrombocyte count increased, the bleeding ceased, and she went on to make a full recovery.
The paper also discusses two ICU trials in which:
  1. Patients were taken off their respirators more quickly and with fewer problems if treated with homeopathy, and
  2. Patients with sepsis were more likely to survive if treated with homeopathy.
At the conclusion of this paper the authors suggest ways homeopathy could be better introduced into hospital critical care settings for the benefit of all.
For the entire article, please click here.

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