Why do world famous athletes use homeopathy?

Why do world famous athletes use homeopathy?

August 22, 2016

Homeopathic remedies are simple to take they travel well, and can be easily tucked into a sports bag. And far from being bitter medicine to swallow, these remedies taste like sugar and dissolve quickly under the tongue for fast absorption.
Most of the sports injuries are of traumatic type such as bruise, muscle strain, ligament sprain, fractures, etc. Others include muscle soreness, muscle cramps, stiffness, cuts and abrasions. The effect of these injuries is two-fold. One the cells that made up soft tissues gets damaged and the second is fatigue and weakness. Sometimes fear can also lead to injuries. The body response to traumatic injuries is inflammation. Inflammation is characterised by pain, swelling, heat, redness and loss of function.The process of inflammation is a necessary response to injury which, through a range of complex processes, allows the renewal and healing of damaged tissue.
Several trials of homeopathy have considered the effects on sports injuries, such as ankle sprains, muscle strains and muscle soreness after exercise, while others have homed in on the kinds of health problems many athletes are prone to, including upper respiratory tract infections, influenza, hay fever and cramps.
Ten reasons for athletes to choose homeopathic medicines:
•There are no harmful side effects
•They are safe to use in all cases
•Because of the degree of dilution, they will not show up in any drug testing procedures, so there is no need to check whether any of the ingredients are on a banned list
•They cost less than NHS prescription medicines
•Unlike conventional medicines, they can be kept for later use, with often only a few tablets from a bottle being needed for each episode of treatment
•They are NOT tested on animals – all homeopathic medicines are tested through systematic trials with healthy human volunteers
•They work with rather than against the body’s own repair mechanisms
•They have been used effectively, in all parts of the world, for over 200 years
•They appear to speed up the healing process and get you back to training and performing more quickly
•An increasing amount of high-quality scientific research demonstrates that homeopathic medicines really do work
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