Homeopathy and Colic

Homeopathy and Colic

May 20, 2015

Colic is a term given to babies who fuss and cry for no apparent reason and are often hard to get into an established routine. All babies cry on average for 2.5 hours in any 24 hour period but babies with colic will look uncomfortable when they are crying, and may exhibit symptoms such as drawing their legs up. While we don’t know exactly why come babies suffer from colic, it is thought to be due to an immature digestive system and sometimes their developing nervous system may also be a causal factor.
What about YOU?
So firstly, let’s concentrate a moment on you. Being the parent of a baby with severe colic is exhausting. Their cries tug at your heart strings and as their parent you feel that you should be able to help them. So what can you do to adjust to this thorny problem? 
  • Get your baby examined by a doctor who is skilled in physical examination of small babies. This rules out any serious underlying issues which allows you to stop worrying there is something seriously wrong, and relax into coping with the situation you are faced with.
  • Acknowledgeyour baby has colic to yourself, family and friends. Once you have verbalised this problem you can start to accept it rather than hoping it will be gone tomorrow. This is turn allows you to be calmer and more effective when you take steps to address it. Acceptance rather than resistence is always helpful.
  • Plan around the crying periods. Some babies with severe colic cry all the time but if that is not the case, try to refuse all invitations to socialise when your baby is normally screaming.
  • Remember that this situation is temporary. All things that are difficult pass eventually. Colic is usually only seen in infants under 6 months and often starts around 3-6 weeks. usually however most cases are resolved by 4 months so except in some unusual cases it is very likely your baby will be fine very soon. And if you use homeopathy to treat your baby, they will be fine much sooner:)
Gut Balance:
There are many things in your diet that can upset a sensitive baby if you are breastdfeeding. All babies have immature and sensitive digestive systems and it is vital that they get the time and space to mature without being overwhelmed. If your own gut has been a problem it is likely that your baby can inherit a gut that is out of balance from you. This is not based on genetics but rather on the fact that your breastmilk serves to populate the baby’s gut with important gut flora and you can only supply the balance that you have yourself!  Give your baby an infant probiotic and if you are breastfeeding take one yourself. 80% of the immunitycomes from the gut so ensuring there is balance in the gut is doing your baby a great favour! If your baby has had antibiotics and/or you have taken them while pregnant or breastfeeding ,this step is even more important. 
Homeopathic medicines for treating your baby
Chamomilla 30: This is the medicine for a colicky baby who appears to be intensely irritable and angry in their distress. Theywill insist on being carried around which sooothes them a little but they will get some relief from something warm being placed on their tummy. The tummy will be distended and they will pass small amounts of wind. If your baby is also teething at the same time try this medicine first.
Colocynthis 30: If your baby is relieved by having firm presure on their tummy by laying them over your knee or over your shoulder, use this medicine. This baby will writhe in painbut will get some relif from passing wind or from the firm pressure.
Colubrina 30: If your baby’s tummy appears tight and there are seemingly spasms of pain with constipation also, give this medicine.
Natrum Phos 3X tissue salt helps neutralise acids and aids digestion. Give this 3 times a day to your baby for 4-6 weeks and if results are encouraging, continue until all symptoms are resolved.
Magnesium Phos 3X is another tissue salt that helps with cramps, spasm and pain. It works best when administered in warm water and can be given at the same time as the Natrum Phos 3X
Aethusia 30:This is the ideal homeopathic medicine for those babies who cannot tolerate breastmilk and have vomiting, regurgitation and/or silent reflux. Give this medicine twice a day until symptoms improve.
Lycopodium 30: Use this medicine if your baby is worse between 4-8pm and sometimes also at 2AM. Flatulence and gurgling tummy with bloating may also be present. Your baby will be better lying on the right side.
Silicea 30: For babies who reject the breast and who vomit up breastmilk as curds after feeding and are hungry after. They cannot digest it. Give Silicea to the breastfeeding MOTHER (rather than the baby) twice day.
Kali Carb 30: Symptoms worse between 2-4am and after eating. Chronic painwhich is better for motion, hot drinks and bending forward.
Bryonia 30: Acute attacks of pain worse for the slightest motion accompanied by great thirst. Baby will draw legs up and burp. The tongue may be coated dirty white or brown in centre.
Homeopathic remedies are prescribed based on symtoms in each individual case rather than a diagnosis such as ‘colic’ or ‘reflux’.  Always consult with a registered homeopath who completed homeopathic training courses at a recognized homeopathic college

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