Natrum Sulph

A 25 year old female was receiving treatment for dyspepsia. In the course of treatment, she felt ill from loose stool (5-6 times a day). Urging was very marked but there was no abdominal pain and no vomiting. No noticeable causation found,

Symptoms are as follows:

Loose stool (5-6 times a day) gushing with urging. Flatulence marked, increased flatus while passing stool. Clinical examination was unremarkable except dirty tongue with faint brownish-yellowish coating.

Prescription: Natrum Sulph 200CH, tid for 3 days. After 7 days, everything was back to normal.

Why did I prescribe Natrum Sulph? The most peculiar aspect of the case to me is the combination of the two symptoms: gushing diarrhoea with much flatus during passing stool. This is very characteristic of Nat-sulph, which has been verified in clinical practice many times.

If we see the rubric flatus during stool in the Synthesis repertory, we will find few other remedies e.g. Aloe, Carb-v, Oleander etc. but Aloe has pain before stool which usually decreases after passing stool and strong urging after eating and drinking. Carb-v is usually indicated where there is diarrhoea after eating fat food, cabbage or history of overeating is present and the putrid discharge is very marked in Carb-v. Oleander is very well indicated when patient is having involuntary stool while passing flatus (also present in Aloe Socotrina). Gambogia is another drug having the similar symptom of gushing diarrhoea but again in Gambogia pain is marked.

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