A Case of Calendula

A 39-year-old female suffered a cut from an injury above the eyelid, which resulted in a gaping wound that bled profusely. On examination, a clean gaping deep wound was observed with little swelling.��After cleaning the wound and applying steady pressure for a while, the bleeding decreased but the wound was oozing. Calendula Officinalis 1M was prescribed in repeated dose every 30 minutes. Calendula in gel form was also applied externally. Within three hours, the oozing completely stopped but there was much soreness and an open gaping wound was visible. Calendula Officinalis 1M was continued four times daily for another five days.

The wound looked healthy, there was no suppuration at all and granulation tissue started forming which was completely healed without any secondary infection and scar after 7 days.

Calendula Officinalis is an exceptional wound healing herb which not only checks bleeding but also prevents excessive suppuration and infection. It often secures healing by first intention thus healing becomes faster. It acts well in potency and can be used externally. It is a sovereign remedy for cuts, laceration, extravasation of tissue with loss of parts. It is efficacious in burn and scald injury where it heals and promotes healthy epithelial tissue formation. It is also good for ulcers on skin following cut, burn or scald injury.
�Case represented by Dr. Vivekananda Chakravorty, a practising homeopath from India, deals with various types of acute and chronic diseases. His email is vivekananda1@yahoo.com


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