Can Homeopathy treat my…

This is a question that homeopaths hear ALL the time. The answer I give is a distinct “NO”…that’s not how homeopathy works!

When someone is “sick”, it means that something preceded the “sick”. The symptoms are a result of an internal mistunement that is expressed through signs and symptoms. Symptoms are the body’s way of telling us that there’s something wrong. Often times, patients FEEL sick, look sick and act sick yet their bloodwork, scans and medical opinions do not corroborate how the patient is feeling.

“It is a man that is sick and to be restored to health, not his body, not the tissues.” James Tyler Kent

The organs, ligaments and tissues alone are not what make up a patient. There is the human organism as well as the will and understanding of a patient that when put all together, must be healed. If a patient is healed, the “sick” organ in question will also be healed. Disease cause it very subtle. Prescribing for the result of the disease (symptoms) cause changes in the result of the disease but not in the sick patient.

Therefore, “All medicines operate upon the will and understanding first (sometimes extensively on both), affecting man in his ability to think or to will, and ultimately upon the tissues, the functions and sensations… The totality of the symptoms written out carefully is all that we know of the internal nature of sickness.” Kent
Sooooo…homeopathy treats patients. Not illnesses.

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