Homeopathy for Cystitis

Cystitis is the inflammation of the bladder or the urethra that is typically caused by a bacterial infection. This condition causes difficulty in passing urine, an urge to pass urine, increased frequency in urination and can be painful. Some people will experience a fever that may be accompanied by vomiting.

In some cases, the infection can spread to the kidneys at which point, emergency care may be required.

Some fabulous remedies to help with this condition:

Apis: pain at the end of urination. Burning, stinging and a feeling of irritability. Strong odour of the urine. Possible swelling of the genitals.

Cantharis: there is burning pain on passing urine which is expelled drop by drop. There is usually pain in the lower abdomen. Increased urge for urination.

Causticum: there is involuntary urination on sneezing/coughing or standing up from a seated position. There is an increase in the urging to urinate.

Merc: there is burning pain when urination begins. The urine is discoloured and may smell of ammonia. There is a thirst for cold water. Your body temperature may be going back and forth between hot and cold.

Pusatilla: pain in the bladder after urination. Thirstless. Cramps in the lower abdomen.

Staphysagria: burning, tearing pains between urination (pain is better on urination). Involuntary urination. Acrid urine causing burning of the skin. Cystitis in women after intercourse.

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