Homeopathic Medicine

When I was studying Homeopathy, our amazing professors advised that we read the Organon every year until we can no longer read. Why? Simple. Each and every time we read the Organon, we come to a different understanding of our profession, expand our minds and learn something new. This advice was some of the best advice I have ever received.

Today, I’d like to discuss Aphorism 257. Hahnemann writes:

“The true physician will take care to avoid making favorite remedies of medicines, the employment of which he has, by chance, perhaps found often useful, and which he has had opportunities of using with good effect. If he does so, some remedies of rarer use, which would have been more homeopathically suitable, consequently more serviceable, will often be neglected.”

Practitioners sometimes get stuck in thinking “this remedy” is used for that specific “disease”. Can we please recall that homeopathy is based on individualised symptoms?! If we characterize certain remedies to specific diseases, we may fail at our prescriptions because we will not be open to the entirety of the case, we may ignore symptoms and prescribe a medicine that we have preconceived notions about. It means that we are not unprejudiced observers and being biased in homeopathy will lead to a failed prescription. EACH AND EVERY CASE IS UNIQUE REGARDLESS OF THE DISEASE and each patient should be addressed as such, each time, without bias. This is the basic principle of Homeopathy.

Stay humble dear friends.

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