History of Homeopathy in India

The man who invented the medicine pomegranate
Car, Western Doctor, German
Hanuman M.D. 1755-1843
But Indy, a man of a different race
The Yen government is particularly interested in Hemi-o
The government has been particularly strong since the time of the Maghreb
Encouraging and rewarding
Because of
Today, India is in medicine
Even the British American German
His eyes were full of admiration
The benefits of holistic medicine to the people of India
Thank you very much
There is also a variety of epidemics
The Ministry of Health says it is fully responsible for the protection of medicines and medicines
He was able to get back
What an amazing example to follow

#DrAungNaing(CE&O) Myanmar
Homeopathic & Alternative Medical Pracetitioner’s Social Development Association.

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