Fascinating, Inspiring and truly Uplifting …

Some people not only have good ideas, but are also prepared to work hard to bring those ideas into fruition.

Ken (or Lord Aaron Kenneth Ward Atherton, to give him his proper title) is one such person. He decided that we all needed a strong antidote to the ‘no evidence’ claims so frequently vaunted by the anti-homeopathy campaigners, and he organised a truly unforgettable one-day event (held at the Royal Society of Medicine, London), to remind us that ‘proper’ science can be fascinating, inspiring and truly uplifting.

Ken’s impressive line-up of presenters were all internationally renowned scientists, including two Nobel laureates, and the theme of the event was to explore the science underpinning our knowledge of water structures. I came away from the day feeling really positive; our emerging understanding of the science of water structures may well lead us to eventually being able to explain how homeopathy can work at a purely energetic level. On behalf of Team ARH and the rest of the homeopathy community, I would like to thank Ken for having the determination, perseverance and, above all, the vision for organising this outstanding event.

By Karin Mont ARH Chair


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