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Sarcodes and Organopathy

Sarcodes! No, not nosodes, but sarcodes, the HEALTHY tissues of the body!

Within our own bodies lies the blueprint to everything, the healthy tissues remember this and can come to the aid of a system that has fallen out of balance, altering it’s function and even form, by providing the energetic information of how it should be in health. Sarcodes are all about function as a central part of their state, but more on that in the class! Liver, urea, adrenalinum, medulosinum the list goes on and on and on, and I assure you, this is a very fun and wonderful rabbit hole to jump into!

These little understood, underused remedies are made of any healthy bodily substance and can be used wonderfully to help the body heal itself.

Organotherapy is the use of various sarcodes made out of the tissues of organs and has been developed throughout the history of homoeopathy, gaining some attention here and there by those homoeopaths who dared to look into these remedies with more curiosity. In this class, we will examine some of the latest provings of sarcodes including histaminum and serotonin.

We will do a trituration proving ourselves of a soon to be determined sarcode and look at auto sanguin and auto salivary remedies and their indications (hint: these are made out of a patient’s own blood or saliva). We will look at the work being done by contemporary homoeopaths around sarcodes/organotherapy and their therapeutic use and, at the end, you will have way more questions than you started with, along with resources to start you on the fascinating world of remedies, right inside our own bodies!

Learn how to use different potencies, identify when you are dealing with a constitutional sarcode and learn to use sarcodes therapeutically in acute and chronic disease.

Hope to see you in class for an experiential learning discussion!

We look forward to seeing you online soon. Bring your enthusiasm, questions and curiosity to learn.


This is going to be a FULL day’s class, accessible over ZOOM.

Details: Saturday, February 5th, 2022 from 9am – 5pm EDT (6am – 2pm PST)
Cost: $75 (recording will be available if you are not able to attend live)

To learn more and to register, please visit: https://ochm.ca/lectures_sarcodes/

The event is finished.

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