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Homeopathy for Bad Dreams and Nightmares

Homeopathy for Bad Dreams and Nightmares

Children and nightmares; a common issue that families are faced with that can be quite distressing. Homeopathy can help!

Dreams and nightmares are an essential part of the homeopathic intake in virtually all cases. In understanding a patients’ dreams, we are able to discern the “uncompensated” state of the patient – the subconscious presentation of the “disease” state that can be extremely useful in finding the most beneficial homeopathic remedy to bring the patient to a level of harmony and balance.

Many philosophers and psychotherapists have devoted much of their practice to understanding the symbolism of dreams, as well as the role of dreams for the dreamer. While homeopaths do not approach dreams in the same way, their significance in representing the mind state of the patient is considerable.

That said, there is an “acute” element to dreams and dreaming, especially for children. Many parents are well acquainted with the distress of a child who wakes up crying night after night from bad dreams, the fear that a child in the midst of a night terror can induce in his/her parents, as well as the consternation that a sleep-walking or sleep-talking child can cause.

In this webinar we will explore some homeopathic remedies that can help a child with nightmares and bad dreams.

While many children suffering with these disturbing episodes can require professional treatment, others can respond quickly and readily to a carefully selected remedy.

We look forward to sharing our experience and expertise in this area with you!


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