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New Miasms, New Nosodes (parts I and II), Lyme Disease and STDs; Infectious Diseases: COVID, Anticedents and Sequelae

February 4th & 11th, 2023 | 9am – 5pm EST each day | $150
Lecturer: Joy Burlton

The presence and transmission of new diseases in the population underscore fascinating and important trends to watch in thinking about the homeopathic notion of miasm. Hahnemann’s original three miasms were based on reflection of the diseases he understood as being most responsible for the chronic diseases most common in his era – the “taints” that would skew the health of generations in ways that seemed inexplicable to mainstream medicine. Subsequent homeopaths have added to those original miasms, acknowledging the silent sequalae of diseases such as Tuberculosis, Cancer, Malaria, Thyphoid, Leprosy on the health of generation of individuals. But disease is an ever-evolving phenomenon, and it behooves us as homeopaths to study the impact of newer diseases on the population and how the presence of those disease changes the trajectory and manifestation of chronic illness on both individuals and the population as a whole. This is miasm at work – a dynamic, changing, evolving picture that homeopaths need to understand to address the diseases we see in our clinics in the 21st Century.

In this very exciting and new two-part course we will examine some newer diseases and try to understand their blueprint on the health of the population at large in terms of miasm and their expression in chronic illness. The diseases we will be looking at will be Lyme Disease and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) beyond Hahnemann’s syphilis, COVID, and other infectious diseases.

One of the ways in which the trajectory of the COVID pandemic was monitored was through wastewater which was assessed for viral activity as the virus can live in stool and then spread by flush toilet aerosols. This is not terribly different from the 19th century understanding of disease patterns and dissemination that lead Hahnemann to identify the three original miasms. Everything that is scientifically true is true now, as it was then – what’s old is new, and still true.

In this class we will explore how our understanding of Miasm and Disease can be applied to new diseases. Is there a COVID miasm in the making? What about Lyme Disease and its various co-infections? Is this another miasm? In Lyme we have an example of a persistent illness, largely ignored by mainstream medicine until quite recently, one that has wreaked havoc on the health of large numbers of people for almost two generations. What new nosodes may be useful for us and how can we bring this old, but wonderful medical theory into a new era where it is desperately needed to help us address a scourge of illness that is beyond the capacity of mainstream medicine?

This exciting and innovative class is divided into two full days of new information intended to help address the new diseases we see in practice. The first day looks at Lyme Disease and other STDs (did you know that Lyme disease can be transmitted sexually?). The second day will focus on COVID and its infectious antecedents. There is no doubt that COVID has had a global impact on the world’s population – if we understand the world population as a macro-organism we can understand the impact mentally, emotionally, physically on humanity as a whole and start to see the imprint of what is likely to be a new miasmatic model.

Specifically, we will:

Review miasm theory as it was in Hahnemann’s day as well as changes in that theory in the last 20 years (due to the scholarship of Sankaran, Klein, Sherr and others), and then an examination of where we find ourselves currently
• How and when to use nosodes, focusing on newer nosodes and their applicability
• Identify patterns of illness that can be understood as new or as slight variations on a theme such as syphilis, AIDS, polio, and so on
• Looking closely at newer nosode remedies, their materia medica, and cases of COVID, borrelia, bartonella, babesia, AIDS and more
• Identify the factors of predisposition to bad outcomes and how we can help address such outcomes constitutionally
• How we can apply updated classical knowledge to help with sequelae of COVID along with the wake of illness of a disease that has not been fully healed

As homeopaths we are fortunate to have tools of theory and practice that have withstood the tests of time. The classes are intended to take those tools and turn them to use for the present scourge of disease that we see every day in our practices. Rather than overwhelm us, this changing picture of illness reminds us of the shifting and dynamic nature of health and disease, and leaves us grateful for the wisdom of this old, but vital approach to addressing the dis-ease of our present era.

To learn more and to register: https://ochm.ca/lectures_new_miasms_nosodes/

The event is finished.

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