Diabetes and Homeopathy

Diabetes and Homeopathy

February 27, 2017


Dr. Aastha Rishi


Diabetes is a disease where the glucose concentration in the blood is raised beyond its renal threshold and re-absorption of glucose is incomplete.  The results can be far and wide and may lead to fatigue, glycosuria, tachycardia and hypertension.
Along with decreased anabolism, there is increase in catabolic reactions. There is an increase in the rate of glycogenolysis leading to wasting of muscles, whereas raised lipolysis rate causes loss of weight.
Before solving the altered biochemistry, we need to understand why, how and when this chemistry does get altered. If we look into the etiology , there are millions of people who consumes tons of sweats and carbohydrates during their life span and do not develop diabetes. A person with genetic inheritance of diabetes may not develop it at all. Out of 10 diabetic cases, 7 reports of some emotional or mental disturbances prior to the onset of diabetes. So does this mean only such disturbances are responsible? NO.
Diabetes presents itself when there are favourable conditions. Such favourable conditions occur when a person is exposed to mental or emotional stress. The altered chemistry in one’s body due to mental/emotional stress leads to the brain’s  inability to control its normal reactions properly. Then the organs which are predisposingly weak could develop the disease. It is homeopathy which reaches to emotional/ mental plane of the patient.
When the patient comes to a homeopath, after developing diabetes, when some of the cells of pancreas are also damaged and with the side effects of disease as well as any medicine taken; then there is great responsibility on the shoulders of homeopath. The homeopath takes the totality of symptoms and a remedy is given, which corrects the body’s biochemistry.  The Homeopath looks at all the mental/emotional and physical factors which brings the patient’s altered state back into balance.

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