The Flu Season

The Flu Season

February 13, 2017

Homeopathy can be very useful when it comes to the flu. The trick is to use the right remedy at the right time during a flu or cold so that you can either head it off entirely or palliate the symptoms. If you can get the right remedy and take it before the symptoms continue, often the cold stops right there. When a remedy does not help to stop or help greatly with symptoms, it means that the remedy is not the right one for the symptoms or the stage of the illness.

Here are a few easy ways to choose the most widely used remedies for colds and flus. If you are interested in learning more about flus and colds or how to use homeopathy for yourself and your family, look into taking our intro to homeopathy courses offered at the college. 
Oscilococcinum is a widely available remedy that is sold at many pharmacies and can be used at the very first sign of a cold or flu. That very first tickle in the throat or whatever you typically notice when you first get sick is the sign to start taking this remedy. It should stop the progress of symptoms if you have caught it in time.
Acon. is the second runner up for the very first stages of a flu or cold. This remedy will help a very quickly progressing illness but again, you have to get it right away. The most important part of illnesses that respond to this remedy is that it will progress very  quickly and that it is a very painful and begins suddenly often with a sudden high fever.
Camphor: People needing this remedy will be very very very cold and usually start with sneezing. If you have the combination fo sneezing and feeling super cold especially with paleness, camphor is the remedy of choice.
When these two don’t cut it and the symptoms have moved past the first stage, you have now moved onto a different bunch of remedy choices.
Ferr phos: This is still the first few days of an illness and is heading towards a chest cold. There may be fever and heat but without chills. Usually with a red face.
Gelsemium: Try this remedy if you have chills up and down the spine and the cold or flu has been progressing slowly for the past few days and you feel tired and heavy usually with a very full head.
Bryonia: You are dry! Your throat is dry, your nose is dry, your skin is dry and even your eyeballs hurt from movement. 
There are many remedies that may be better suited, but this is a little cheat sheet to help you on your way to feeling better soon. 
Joy Burlton BHSc DHMHS
Classical Homeopathy

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