Cold Sore… let Homeopathy help!

Cold sores are a common viral infection (herpes simplex). They often blister together in patches and after breaking, form a crusty surface. The virus spreads through close contact and remains dormant until it is triggered by stress, hormonal causes or a change in the environment. Symptoms include itching or tingling, blistering and oozing.

Here are some great homeopathic remedies to help with cold sores:

Ars: burning eruptions, better heat. Patient feels anxious and restless

Hepar-sulph: for painful eruptions. Worse cold. Patient feels chilly and irritable.

Merc-sol/viv: bleeding gums, a coated tongue, excessive salivation and bad breath accompany the cold sore. Eruptions burn and the symptoms are worse at night.

Nat-m: come on as fever blisters from exposure to sun or from emotional stress. They occur on all aspects of the mouth, nose and even genitals. They feel tingly, itchy, dry. The mouth is dry and can taste like salt.

Rhus-t: these cold sores appear with a distinct crust. There is a burning and stinging sensation. Better heat.

Sepia: often times, the cold sores are hormonal and may appear before the start of a menses. The cold sore is wet and could be oozing pus.

Sulphur: red, inflamed, itchy and burning eruptions. Better cold applications.

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