Feel better and kick insomnia to the curb!

Insomnia: when you can’t fall asleep, can’t stay asleep or wakes up very early. There are many underlying reasons for insomnia and there are also many results because of it.

With insomnia, patients will feel unrefreshed in the morning, sleepy, exhaustion throughout the day, irritable, moody, dull, could have difficulty concentrating and focusing etc.

Let’s try to make you feel better and kick insomnia to the curb. Here are some great remedies to help:

Ars: when there is insomnia with anxiety. Worse after midnight. Restlessness.

Cham: insomnia ‪at 2am‬. Sleeplessness from illusion of sight and hearing.

Cocculus: tired but can’t sleep from overcare for others.

Coffea cruda: when the mind is too busy thinking! Restlessness, palpitations, waking ‪at 3am‬ with sleeplessness. Excessive dreams. Wakes with the slightest noise.

Ignatia: insomnia from grief. Brooding.

Kali-carb: wakes ‪at 4am‬. Body twitches.

Kali-phos: insomnia from stress, excessive yawning, low mood, fatigue, bad dreams causing disturbed heat.

Lycopodium: waking after ‪4am‬ with fright or hunger

Opium: tired but unable to sleep.

Nux-v: sleepless during second part of the night. Wakes between ‪3am-5am‬. Very tired. Stimulants like tobacco and coffee accompanied by gastric troubles. Worries about work.

Pulsatilla: restless, worse at the first half of the night.

Rhus tox: sleeplessness from chronic pain

Sulphur: laughing during sleep. Nightmares when sleeping on back. Insomnia between ‪3am – 5am‬


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Be sure to consult a Licensed Homeopath before starting any new remedy protocol.

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