Why you should choose Us as Your Homeopathy School…

At OCHM we get questions around the reasons WHY we teach so many Health and Medical Sciences courses in our rigorous program and why such a breadth and depth of Homeopathy.

As educators of healthcare providers, we feel very strongly that Homeopaths should without a doubt be knowledgeable in the medical sciences. Why? Here are some reasons:

1. A healthcare provider’s primary responsibility is to FIRST DO NO HARM. That means, that every healthcare provider should know what is happening with their patient so that they can treat them appropriately.
2. A patient will trustingly put their health in the hands of a healthcare provider. If one doesn’t know about specific diseases or how to differentiate between conditions, how will they know what treatment protocol to suggest?
3. If a patient is suffering from an acute condition that requires hospitalization, what happens if a healthcare provider doesn’t recognize that? The patient’s life at could be at risk. Let’s not discuss the ethical and legal implications of such irresponsibility!
4. We need to understand the symptoms that our patients come to us with. If we do not understand their disorders or the course of treatments they previously had, severity of their disorders, we’re not being good clinicians.
5. Practitioners don’t know what a patient is going to come to them with; sometimes it’s with a very severe physical pathology; it is the healthcare provider’s responsibility to recognize the pathology, understand the disease as well as the medications the patient is taking.
6. As homeopaths, we have the further responsibility of learning the health and medical sciences (along with in depth Homeopathy) to legitimize our profession in the eyes of the rest of the medical community!
7. It is imperative that as homeopaths we can communicate with our patient’s primary healthcare providers and be on the same level as them.
8. Ultimately, it’s about keeping our patients safe and progressing towards better health.

OCHM’s curriculum is unapologetically robust for the reasons listed above. There are no hidden fees to achieve this extensive education; it’s included in our foundational Program cost. Our academic curriculum coupled with live, supervised clinical training results in exceptional homeopaths who are competent and confident.

This is integrative medicine at its finest. We are enrolling serious students who wish to pursue a successful career in Homeopathic medicine. If that’s you or someone you know, give us a call, we’d be happy to get you started.

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