The Treatment of Croup

Croup, also known as laryngotracheobronchitis is a respiratory infection that causes inflammation in the trachea ultimately obstructing a normal breathing pattern and causing a barking cough, hoarse voice and stridor. Croup is typically caused by several different viruses and mostly appears in children.

Below are some remedies to consider in such a condition. If you’re not sure about the prescription and need our help, please feel free to reach out, we’re happy to see you in our school clinic.

Acon: this is the prime remedy for croup’s early stages. There may be a sudden start to the symptoms. The cough is dry, barking and its difficult to breather. There is anxiety about breathing; it becomes difficult. Restlessness. Illness may have come on after exposure to dry cold wind.

Hep-sulph: when the croup cough is rattling and the patient is choking on their phlegm. There is chest congestion. Wheezing. Loose cough. Patient must sit up to cough. Cold drinks make cough worse. Sore throat with stitching pains in the ears. Patient feels cold.

Spongia: the feeling is one where the patient feels as if they are breathing through a sponge or like there is a plug in the throat. There is redness and soreness in the throat. The cough has a characteristic sound: like a saw cutting through wood or a whistle. Phlegm is difficult to expel. Better warm drinks.

Please use your judgement; if the patient is having trouble breathing, it might be best to seek immediate medical attention.

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