The treatment of Acne with Homeopathic Medicine

The treatment of Acne with Homeopathic Medicine

December 14, 2015

Acne is most prevalent in teenagers because the growth hormones become very active and the oil glands in the skin produce more. When these glands at the base of the hair follicles get infected or inflamed oil glands, you get pimples. But acne can occur at any age. Perimenopausal women often complain of recurring acne. Acne can worsen before periods in some girls. Very warm, humid weather is another factor that causes acne. Too much sweating too can aggravate this skin condition. 
Acne is not a life-threatening condition, but you know what negative psychosocial effects it can have on you! The pores become clogged and bacteria start growing there. The body’s defence system works to kill these bacteria, resulting in whiteheads, blackheads and pustules (red pus filled pimples).  You try all the creams and lotions and ointments; and you manage to suppress acne for some time only for them to resurface later. But the thing is, suppressing this skin condition only worsens your skin texture and may give rise to other skin ailments.  By seeking out Homeopathy you are stimulating the body to heal itself without suppression.   
Since acne can be caused by various factors – excess oil secretion, changes in hormone levels, heredity, etc., homeopathy can be an effective way to treat acne. This is because treatment in homeopathy is individualistic and holistic. Individual examination, case analysis, your medical history, your physical, mental and emotional constitution, your age, your gender, your ethnicity, and your susceptibility to the disease are all very important considerations in determining the exact homeopathic remedy for you.
Based on these criteria, your homeopath will prescribe the most suitable remedy. The dosage and the potency of the remedy too will differ from person to person.  It is important to seek out a registered Homeopathy who will complete an indepth consultation to determine the most suitable remedy for your state.  
Common remedies for acne
  • A very common remedy, especially for chronic acne
  • Rough and hard skin
  • Acne associated with comedones and constipation
  • Acne that aggravates with water
  • Pale, sickly colour of the skin
  • Spotted redness of face with black pores
  • Itching intensely in the evening and from warmth
Kali bromatum
  • General failure of mental power, melancholy, loss of memory
  • Fidgety, fear of being poisoned, night terrors
  • Suicidal, numb feeling in the head
  • Vomiting with intense thirst after every meal
  • Diabetic
  • Exaggerated sexual desire in women; sexual excitement during partial slumber in men
Natrum muriaticum
  • Good remedy for acne, remedy acts on sebaceous glands
  • Dry mucous membranes
  • Great weakness and wearines
  • Irritable, awkward, hasty, wants to be left alone, cries a lot
  • Depression, especially due to chronic disease
  • Greasy oily skin
  • Cobweb like sensation on the face
  • Oozy and itching pimples
  • Dry hard rough skin (face)
  • Symptoms worse with warmth, before and after periods
  • Symptom relief in a dark room

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