Symphytum Officinale

Symphytum, in homeopathy is considered the “glue” of bone fractures, because it accelerates bone healing. It has a strong affinity for bones and tendons and is also anti-inflammatory in nature.

Main clinical indications of Symphytum include: Treating trauma to broken bones and periosteum.

It is prescribed together with Calcarea phosphorica when treating a bone fracture, to accelerate the process of fracture healing.

It is a good remedy for:
🌱After bone operation or after any broken bone
🌱Treating pain occurring during or after a broken bone or periosteum
🌱Healing “clean” fractures
🌱Periostitis of athletes and tendinitis of the Achilles tendon
🌱Trauma of the eyeball from a blow or foreign object

Symphytum can always be combined with Arnica montana. They are complementary in their actions.

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