Sleep is essential for everyone especially for little people

Sleep is essential for everyone especially for little people. What can you do if your little one is having a hard time sleeping or staying asleep? You can try one of the remedies below but please keep in mind that if the problem persists or has been present for a while, please seek professional advice.

Acon: when there is difficulty falling and staying asleep. Tosses and turns in bed with anxiety & restlessness.

Arg-n: child has frightening dreams and may be anxious about falling asleep.

Ars: frightening dreams & the child may call for their parents for support. They feel cold, thirsty and feel anxious about falling asleep.

Cham: the child is sleepy but fights sleep. They feel better when held. When in bed are restless and want to be uncovered. They twitch and moan during sleep. The child is one that refuses that thing that he’s been desiring.

Kali-phos: frightening dreams cause the child to wake and they have a difficult time getting back to sleep. They are generally anxious and full of cares about things that have happened during the day.

Nux-v: children are worried and irritable. They are oversensitive to touch, noise, light and smells and they have dreams about the day’s trifles. They wake ‪at 3am‬ and have difficulty falling back to sleep.

Puls: they want to stay with their parents and do not want to go to sleep. They have a hard time falling asleep due to scary thoughts. They do not want to be alone in the dark. Need to have a light on in the bedroom.

Stramonium: child wakes in terror screaming for help. They cry about seeing monsters and ghosts.

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