Skin Problems and Homeopathy

Skin Problems and Homeopathy

February 6, 2017

Eczema, psoriasis, Impetigo and a host of other skin problems can be dealt with using homeopathy and have been for the past 200 years. Some respond more quickly than others, especially depending on how long you have had the condition for, but the great thing about homeopathy is that it can sometimes help with conditions that do not necessarily respond to pharmaceutical drugs. 


When a homeopath is choosing a remedy to help with your skin condition, they will look at the skin itself, but also look at when it started, what were the initial symptoms, were there any life stresses that may have brought it on, or perhaps affected your immune system so that the symptoms became more prominent. They will also ask you about your general health and what makes the symptoms better or worse. There are a few remedies that are well known to help with the skin, such as sulphur or Silicea, but using these remedies without a consultation from a trained homeopath, especially for skin conditions, can result in unwanted flare ups. 
Symptoms, even without a diagnosis can be treated using hundreds of years of experience to guide the homeopath to the right remedy. It matters if the skin erupted on the left or the right side, or if it is worse with warm or cold, better or worse with sunlight, these are called modalities and will help the homeopath find the best fit for a remedy for your specific skin issue from thousands of remedies.  Once a well matching remedy is found, your body will be able to respond to the disturbance or imbalance in your immune system that was producing the skin symptoms and the process of healing begins. 
If you or someone you know suffer from a skin condition, we welcome you to attend our teaching clinic
Joy Burlton BHSc DHMHS
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