OVERINDULGENCE: ‘Tis the season for celebrating with family and friends. We’ve got some tips to help with your digestive troubles…

Ars: patient is chilly but has burning digestive pains. There’s a desire for small sips of cold water. Worse after midnight.

Carb-veg: flushes of heat upwards, originating in the abdomen. Great desire for air. Desire to be fanned. There is indigestion which is accompanied by bloating. Abdomen is distended. Patient feels better passing large amounts of gas. Better outdoors.

Lycopodium: Patient craves sweets. Abdomen is bloated and there is a lot of grumbling gas in there. Ravenous appetite that leads to digestive troubles. Stools are normal but end with diarrhoea.

Nux-v: for any type of bad reaction from overindulgence including: coffee, cigarettes, alcohol and food. The person requiring this remedy will be irritable and moody and will likely be experiencing tummy troubles. It’s perfect for hangovers!

Puls: a distinct craving for rich foods like butter, ice cream and cheese…all of which can cause bloating and nausea. Indigestion from eating these rich foods, from fat and pork. Better fresh air.

Sulphur: diarrhoea in the early morning after overindulgence. A ravenous appetite is present. Patient feels hot all over with burning in the abdomen, a burning headache and better by cold applications. This patient smells offensive.

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